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Groverake Mine stands near the head of the Rookhope valley in Weardale. The landscape is full of mining history and has inspired many artists and photographers. The dark skies there make it ideal for night time photography. These a few recent and historical photos of the site. If you have taken a photo that you would like to add to this page, please email it to
The headframe on this site is the last mining headgear in County Durham and it is in imminent danger of demolition. We need to raise money urgently to save it.
Groverake at Night
Photos L-R: Gary Lintern, Clive Rudd, Mark Ingleby
Photo: Pete Jackson
Photos L-R: Jean Thornley, Kevin Close, Kev Alderson
Photo: Linda Brown
Photos L-R: Kevin Close, Kevin Close
Photo: Jem Freiesleben
Photo: Jem Freiesleben
Photo: Pam Hindmoor